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Shifting the Burden of Proof in an Undue Influence Matter

By Larry E. Bray |

Undue influence can be a significant issue if you or a decedent’s other loved ones believe some other individual exerted their will over their elderly family member’s wishes. Inappropriate and excessive influence over an elderly person can result in unlawful real estate transfers, gifts, and changes to their will or trusts. If you believe… Read More »


Clear Title When Buying Commercial Real Estate

By Larry E. Bray |

When you are interested in buying commercial property, what you wish to receive is clear title on a parcel of land and its improvements. You want to become the full and outright owner, with no one laying any claim to the land or money in the future. It is highly unlikely that you are… Read More »


When Business Partners Go Their Own Way

By Larry E. Bray |

Business partners move on from one another for a variety of reasons. If you and your business partner were married and have decided to divorce, it may be necessary for one of you to leave the business. If you or your partner has reached an older age and wishes to retire, you need to… Read More »


Environmental Inspections for Commercial Real Estate

By Larry E. Bray |

If you intend to buy commercial property, the last thing you want is to become liable for an environmental issue years down the road. Waiting on and paying for an environmental site assessment (ESA) of a piece of property may seem like an inconvenience. However, Phase I ESA is your basic due diligence when… Read More »


Contesting a Will Based on Undue Influence

By Larry E. Bray |

It is not uncommon to hear of an individual of advanced years suddenly changing his or her will. Despite having had a will in place for years, an elderly person, who is not as sharp as he used to, significantly alters his last wishes. If family drama premeditated the change, it may not be… Read More »


Types of Deeds

By Larry E. Bray |

A deed is a document that transfers ownership of real property from one party to another. To be a deed, this document must contain some basic information, including the current owner/grantor’s name and the new owner/grantee’s name as well as a legal description of the property. It must be in writing, notarized, signed by… Read More »


Should You Use a Standardized Real Estate Contract?

By Larry E. Bray |

Residential real estate sales are common transactions in Florida. Home and condo owners are regularly selling their property for various reasons, and buyers are eager to snatch up real estate. Due to the regularity of residential sales, there are standardized contract forms. There are often multiple types of one form endorsed by various realtor… Read More »


Understanding a Florida Quitclaim Deed

By Larry E. Bray |

Property can be transferred in a number of ways – not just through being bought and sold. As the property owner, you have the right to give it away or exchange it for other property. To transfer your property quickly and efficiently, you may use a quitclaim deed in Florida. If you are interested… Read More »


Potential Challenges to Contracts

By Larry E. Bray |

Under ideal circumstances, contracts are made with a full understanding of the circumstances and each party’s responsibilities and rights. Yet this is not always the case. There may be issues surrounding the creation of a contract that lead to part or all of it not being fulfilled in the future. Additionally, problems that arise… Read More »


Estate Taxes for Florida Residents

By Larry E. Bray |

When you consider passing on your wealth to your family, you have to face a hard truth: taxes. When you pass away, the executor of your estate has to settle everything with the Florida Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Depending on how your estate is structured, your estate may owe… Read More »

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