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Monthly Archives: April 2020


What to Know about Contesting a Will in Florida

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

Each month, hundreds, if not thousands, of new probate cases are opened all across Florida. Most of these cases involve someone who passed away with a last will and testament. The remainder are handled as intestate cases, following the Florida laws of succession. Probate is to make sure the testator’s wishes are followed. However,… Read More »

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Why You Need to Update Your Florida Estate Plan After You Get Divorced

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

When some people create their estate plan, they do not realize that this is not something they can just create and forget about. In fact, you should be reviewing your estate plan on a regular basis. Whether it’s every important life event that triggers you to look at it, or whether you automatically review… Read More »

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Why Having a Comprehensive Florida Estate Plan is More Important Than Ever

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

When 2020 rolled around, no one could have predicted that there would be a global pandemic and that the world would effectively be in a shutdown. Getting sick while this current health crisis is going on can be a terrifying thought. With health professionals stretched thin and visitors not allowed in most hospitals and… Read More »

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Is There a Difference Between a Healthcare Surrogate and a Power of Attorney in Florida?

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

There are a lot of documents you need to consider as part of your Florida estate plan. Two of these are the power of attorney and a healthcare surrogate. Some people assume these are one and the same. While somewhat similar, they have some distinct differences and usually serve different purposes. When you meet… Read More »

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