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Monthly Archives: February 2021


Appointing a Florida Personal Representative

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

Under Florida law, a personal representative is responsible for administering someone’s estate after they pass away. Personal representatives have a fiduciary duty to act in good faith, in the best interest of the decedent’s beneficiaries. Personal representatives also have a responsibility to be honest, and follow the terms of the decedent’s will, if they… Read More »

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Estate Planning During Covid-19

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

There’s nothing like a pandemic to make you face your own mortality. While ordinarily, having a valid will already puts you ahead of the game, a pandemic can raise other issues that a will won’t cover. For instance, if an individual becomes incapacitated due to illness, although the individual is unable to make any… Read More »

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West Palm Beach Estate Planning for New Parents

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

Being a new parent comes with a long list of new challenges and things to do. With all the sleepless nights, estate planning may not even be on your radar yet. That’s why talking with an experienced West Palm Beach estate planning attorney can help. There are many aspects of estate planning that become… Read More »

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Overview of Probate in West Palm Beach, Florida

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

When a loved one dies, their estate will likely need to go through Florida probate. Probate is a court-supervised process that allows for proper identification and gathering of the deceased’s assets, paying off debts, and finally distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries and entitled heirs. Probate can be a tricky process, which is why you… Read More »

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