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Monthly Archives: July 2021


How To Provide For Your Pet In Your Will

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

For many, their dog, cat, or beloved pet is like a member of the family. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that your animals are cared for after you are not around anymore. Estate plans are created to give you peace of mind and ensure that your estate is distributed in the manner… Read More »

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What To Do About A Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

There are many situations in which a fiduciary relationship exists. However, there are many fiduciary relationships that come into play during probate. Probate in the process that must occur prior to the execution of a will or the distribution of an estate. Through probate, a will is confirmed to be valid (or its validity… Read More »

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What’s The Easiest Way To Transfer Property To Family Members?

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

This is a question that we get a lot. While there are many ways to transfer property both before, in anticipation of, and after, death, when it comes to wanting to quickly and easily transfer property to a family member while you’re alive, it significantly limits the options, as many of these methods are… Read More »

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Why To Consider A Pour-Over Will

By Larry E. Bray, P.A. |

Planning your estate can be a daunting process. While the actual experience is fairly streamlined when working with an experienced attorney, people tend to want to avoid thinking about their own mortality. However, this can have dire consequences for your loved ones. When you die (with or without a will) your estate must first… Read More »

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