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When Your Commercial Tenant Wants to Sublet

By Larry E. Bray |

As a commercial landlord, you will be approached about your tenants wanting to sublet their spaces. Considering many commercial leases last for multiple years, tenants that are going out of business or need to move to a bigger space may look toward subletting as a way to relieve themselves of their rental obligation. Subletting… Read More »

Why You Should Use an Attorney for a Real Estate Closing

By Larry E. Bray |

Florida does not require that attorneys be present during any stage of a real estate transaction. However, both the contract stage and the closing of the deal are important phases of the process.  Although most realtors use a form FL/BAR contract, there are many blanks to be filled in and the boilerplate wording is… Read More »

The Benefits of Using an Attorney to Write Title Insurance

By Larry E. Bray |

Whether you are buying a home for your family or a property for your business, the purchase of real estate is a large investment of both money and time. Encountering problems with your purchase can be financially and emotionally devastating. A real estate attorney experienced in title insurance can help you ensure that there… Read More »

Florida Real Estate Owned Property Sales

By Larry E. Bray |

In Florida’s real estate market, distressed sales, or real estate owned and short sales, comprise a high percentage of all property transactions in the state. According to CoreLogic, a data provider using data from March of this year, 22% of all real estate transactions in Florida are distressed sales. Florida falls below only Michigan,… Read More »

Encumbrances on Real Property

By Larry E. Bray |

If you decide to purchase real property, it is very important to be aware of any encumbrances on the property. An encumbrance is a claim against property held by someone who is not the owner of the property. Encumbrances affect title, meaning that the owner’s rights to the property are limited in some way,… Read More »

The Importance of Using a Lawyer in Real Estate Transactions, Part 2

By Larry E. Bray |

Real estate transactions in Florida are governed by both state and federal laws and involve many parties, from the buyer and seller to the title insurance company to the lending institution providing a mortgage. Buying or selling a house is often the biggest transaction a person will ever make, and getting it right is… Read More »

The Importance of Using a Lawyer in Real Estate Transactions, part 1

By Larry E. Bray |

For many people, buying a house is the most expensive purchase of their lives. From the brokerage contract to closing, buying and selling a house involves many issues of law that most people are not familiar with. Real estate attorneys have the experience and knowledge to ensure that this important transaction goes as smoothly… Read More »

Forecast for Real Estate Market in 2015: Mostly Sunny

By Larry E. Bray |

When it comes to making predictions about what’s in store for 2015, economic analysts are forecasting good things ahead for the U.S. real estate market. A new report, Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2015, pretty much summed up the mood in the title of Chapter 1: “Sustaining Momentum But Taking Nothing For Granted.” Florida… Read More »

Reasons for Optimism in Commercial Real Estate Market in Florida

By Larry E. Bray |

The U.S. commercial real estate market is poised to end 2014 on an upbeat note. That’s the conclusion of a new report just released by the National Association of Realtors. The organization collects data from its members on commercial real estate transactions along with information on current economic challenges members face. The latest Commercial… Read More »

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