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Can I Run a Business From my Home?

By Larry E. Bray |

The economy is doing fairly well, which means you may be ready to take the risk and start your own business. However, when you are first getting started, you probably do not have the funds to pay for a separate office space. You figure you will start your business out of your home. After… Read More »


What You Need to Know About Being a Sole Proprietor

By Larry E. Bray |

You are legally entitled to run a business and make money (or suffer losses) as an individual. This is simply known as a sole proprietorship. You can make products and sell them or offer personal services for a price without forming a separate legal entity like a corporation or limited liability company (LLC). There… Read More »

How Partnerships Get Started

By Larry E. Bray |

A partnership can mean many things. The term may be used loosely for individuals planning a project together or who work closely within an existing business. However, a partnership can also be a formal business entity. A binding partnership agreement can be entered into by two or more people, corporations, or limited liability companies… Read More »

The Basics of an S Corporation

By Larry E. Bray |

When you are thinking of forming your business, you will probably hear about an S corporation and wonder how it differs from any other type of corporation. Unlike an LLC or partnership, an S Corporation is not its own unique type of entity. It is actually a type of tax election a small corporation… Read More »

The Benefits of an LLC

By Larry E. Bray |

When you are deciding to start your own business, one of the first questions you have to ask yourself is whether you need to create a separate legal entity. For new and small business ventures, operating as a sole proprietor may be fine. However, if your original idea has grown and you are making… Read More »

Factors That Signal It Is Time to Form a Business Entity

By Larry E. Bray |

Whether you own a tech startup, a clothing boutique or a small café, there comes a time when you have to figure out if you should keep running the business yourself or form a corporation or limited liability company. Many small businesses start out as a sole proprietorship and the owner does a bulk… Read More »

Passing on the Family Business

By Larry E. Bray |

In starting a small business, some people have a long-term goal of making it the family business and passing it on to their children or other heirs upon death.  Passing on the family business to heirs can be a challenging thing depending on how the business is structured, and expensive depending on how much… Read More »

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