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Helping People Keep Their Homes in Florida

Just because you have fallen behind on your mortgage does not mean that you are out of options. There are options available to work out an agreement with your lender to keep your home, while paying a mortgage that you can afford. Loan modifications are your opportunity to create a plan to keep your home.

At the Law Offices of Larry E. Bray, we represent people facing mortgage foreclosure — coming up with creative solutions to their mortgage problems. Our mortgage foreclosure defense practice helps families keep their homes, while seeking to modify the terms of their mortgage.

Real estate transactions are governed by various federal statutes, state statutes, and common laws that address a wide variety of legal issues related to acquiring, financing, developing, managing, constructing, leasing, and selling commercial and residential real property. Buying and selling real estate is generally more complicated than buying or selling other expensive goods, such as cars or boats. With real estate, many different people can have an interest in the same property, tax consequences are more complicated, and possession is not necessarily indicative of ownership. The economic climate today has made things very difficult for many people. Foreclosures are rampant and the opportunity to purchase property at low prices is unprecedented.

Contact us or call (561) 296-5291 to schedule an appointment to discuss your legal concerns with an experienced West Palm Beach mortgage loan modification attorney. For your convenience, we have offices in Lake Worth, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, Florida. The following link will allow you to view the Frequently Asked Questions related to this topic.

Loan Modifications — a Way to Keep Your Mortgage

In order to argue for a West Palm Beach loan modification, you must present substantial information to banks, showing them your ability to make the renegotiated monthly mortgage payments. We will help you gather the evidence that you need to try to convince your lender that you will make good on a new mortgage.

A loan negotiation typically involves convincing the bank to lower your interest rate or extend the term of your mortgage. Sometimes banks are willing to agree to these offers if they find it will prevent a foreclosure — which can be costly to them.

Some of the types of loan modifications available to homeowners include:

  • Recapitalization Agreement — Where all your arrears, interests, fees and past payments are added to the principal of your mortgage, allowing you to become current on your mortgage
  • Loan Modification — Allows you to extend the term of the loan or lower the interest rate, allowing you to make your monthly mortgage payments

To speak to an experienced West Palm Beach mortgage loan modification attorney about obtaining a loan refinance, contact us at the Law Offices of Larry E. Bray for an initial consultation.

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