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West Palm Beach Title Insurance Attorney

If you are purchasing real estate, it is customary and necessary to have title insurance to protect you in the event that a third party claims to have a lien or better title than you. The Law Offices of Larry E. Bray, P.A., writes title insurance policies on the Attorney’s Fund/Old Republic Title Insurance Company. Our goal is to protect your interests in the event that any lien or encumbrance is found against your property. Contact a West Palm Beach title insurance attorney today at one of our law offices in Boca Raton, Lake Worth or West Palm Beach.

Title Insurance for Homes and Commercial Mortgages

By purchasing title insurance, you can save yourself money and prevent future problems. Many realtors fail to inform Florida homebuyers about this, representing only the transaction and not the homeowner. What realtors and brokers will not tell you is that you should get an attorney to assist with title insurance.

Title insurance can protect you from many potential problems. For example, title insurance can protect you if:

  • The previous owner took a loan out against your home or commercial property
  • An heir to the property claims to have a financial interest in or own the property

Title insurance can protect you from being forced to pay a debt you do not owe or being forced out of your own home. While these examples are extreme, they do happen. With title insurance, you can rest assured that you have free and clear title to your home.

Title Insurance and Additional Real Estate Law Services

If you are working with our firm in a real estate law matter, we can also help you with your title insurance needs. Whether you are looking to conduct a title or deed search, or approaching a real estate closing, working with an attorney in this area is advisable. Our firm approaches title insurance matters from a legal standpoint. We work to ensure that the proper legal steps are taken when seeking title insurance, and address any related issues that arise in real estate law matters.

Contact a West Palm Beach Title Insurance Attorney

To learn more about our title insurance or real estate law services, contact a lawyer from our firm to schedule an initial consultation.

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