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Why Asset Protection is an Important Part of Your West Palm Beach Estate Plan

By Larry E. Bray |

No matter whether you are looking to protect personal assets or business assets from potential creditors down the road, it’s important to take the proper steps now. Every situation and asset portfolio is different, which means the most effective tools will differ from client to client. Don’t attempt to try to figure out what… Read More »


5 Major Disasters to Avoid with Your Florida Estate Plan

By Larry E. Bray |

Starting an estate plan, even when you are younger, is important. However, it’s also important that you ensure your estate plan works for you. Just creating a will isn’t always enough to adequately protect your assets and ensure your wishes are carried out. When you meet with a West Palm Beach estate planning attorney,… Read More »


What Constitutes a Florida Breach of Contract Claim?

By Larry E. Bray |

To understand what constitutes a breach of contract in Florida, you need to first understand what a valid contract is. There are several main elements to a contract that must be present before the contact exists in the first place. These elements are the offer, acceptance, and consideration. Consideration is the quid pro quo,… Read More »


How Does Out of State Probate Work in Florida?

By Larry E. Bray |

Probate can be a complicated process, especially if you are trying to handle it from another state. It’s not uncommon that people have assets located in different states, or that the executor (personal representative) lives elsewhere. The last thing you need on top of your loved one passing away is the pressure of trying… Read More »


Reasons Why People Often Delay their Florida Estate Plan

By Larry E. Bray |

It’s understandable that you don’t want to think about your own mortality, but you need to consider it—at least where your estate plan is concerned. Facing the realization of death can seem scary, but preparing for something that will inevitably happen is important. Be prepared with a proper estate plan in place, as this… Read More »


What Do You Do if You Suspect a West Palm Beach Will was Forged?

By Larry E. Bray |

When someone attempts to submit a will for probate that has been forged, it can result in serious legal trouble. If there is a purposeful intent to submit a will that contains improper information or was forged, it’s known as probate fraud. When a loved one passes away and the will is read, it’s… Read More »


How to Evict a Commercial Tenant in Florida

By Larry E. Bray |

As brick-and-mortar businesses around the country struggle, the propensity for landlord and tenant disputes to erupt is on the rise. Many of these disputes involve the failure to pay rent on time. This can lead a commercial real estate landlord to look into legal options to evict the tenant in favor of someone new… Read More »


Benefits of Hiring a Florida Attorney to Review Your Business Contracts

By Larry E. Bray |

If you own a business, you will undoubtedly have countless contracts drafted or presented to you for signature. Especially if you are a small business owner, it’s important to consider using an experienced West Palm Beach business attorney to draft and review your business contracts before they potentially become legally binding. At the Law… Read More »


4 Important Items to Include in a Final Accounting for a Florida Probate

By Larry E. Bray |

Being a personal representative of someone’s Florida estate is a huge responsibility. You cannot take your duties lightly or you could open yourself up to personal liability and financial risk. And, even if you do everything right during the course of the estate administration, you cannot close the estate until the final accounting is… Read More »


4 Common Mistakes Executors (Personal Representatives) Make with a Florida Probate

By Larry E. Bray |

First off, Florida doesn’t use the term “executor.” Rather, an executor is referred to as a “personal representative.” Secondly, Florida law requires anyone possessing an original will to file it with the court within 10 days following the date of death. Being appointed as a personal representative in someone’s will is a huge responsibility…. Read More »

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