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How to Legally Terminate an Easement in Florida

By Larry E. Bray |

Easements usually involve legal rights granted to someone giving them permission to use a portion of someone else’s property. Essentially, it is the legal right to pass through or use this part of the land for a specific purpose, not just general usage. One example of an easement is the utility companies who have… Read More »


Why Smaller Florida Businesses Need General Counsel

By Larry E. Bray |

Small business owners have a lot to deal with, and managing expenses is a top priority. This means there is little room for hiring full-time in-house counsel, as that high-cost is simply out of the question for most. However, you can look to retain outside counsel who are just a phone call away when… Read More »


Do You Need Help Defending Against a Foreclosure in Florida?

By Larry E. Bray |

Staying on top of your finances is a major problem for many people in today’s economic climate. One of the payments people often struggle with is the mortgage. Failure to make your mortgage payments can result in foreclosure. If you’re in danger of foreclosure, it’s important to speak with a West Palm Beach foreclosure… Read More »


Florida Probate: Not as Awful as People Tell You

By Larry E. Bray |

Probate certainly has a bad reputation with people who have heard that the process is difficult or of instances where family members are fighting over assets and/or challenging the will. While family battles certainly exist, it’s not a factor in every probate. Many probates run smoothly, especially with the right personal representative running things…. Read More »


Florida Real Estate Law: Understanding Easements

By Larry E. Bray |

No matter whether you own personal or commercial real estate in Florida, you need to understand what easements are and how they can affect your rights as a property owner in the state. Generally speaking, an easement is the right to enter someone else’s land despite not having an ownership interest in it. Easements… Read More »


What is Summary Probate in Florida?

By Larry E. Bray |

People are often surprised when they find out the potential costs and time involved in a probate administration. Because this is obviously an extremely emotional time for the decedent’s family, the courts have established an alternative method for those who have small estates. If it qualifies, the estate can pass through what’s known as… Read More »


Types of Florida Estate Litigation

By Larry E. Bray |

When you think about estate planning and probate, you don’t necessarily think about litigation and the issues that can arise. Litigation can involve a variety of parties, including beneficiaries, creditors, personal representatives of the estate, and more. You may need to file a lawsuit to protect your interests, or you may be facing a… Read More »


Common Disputes in Florida Probate Matters

By Larry E. Bray |

There’s a common misconception that disputes over estates during probate are limited to the wealthy and those with big asset portfolios. The truth is, many families have disputes, even when there is little to no wealth involved. Disputes can arise over a prior will saying something different, who is taking the family pet, what… Read More »


Classes of Creditors Claims in a Florida Probate

By Larry E. Bray |

One of the most important duties a personal representative has in administering someone’s estate is to ensure that creditors are paid based on their priority. If someone has filed a creditor claim on the estate, the personal representative has the duty to ensure all of these are paid. But, how do you know in… Read More »


Who are Reasonably Ascertainable Creditors in a Florida Probate?

By Larry E. Bray |

Claims from creditors can be a common source of litigation in probate matters. It doesn’t matter whether the estate is large or a smaller one, there is almost always a creditor who has filed a claim. Creditor claims are usually related to the debts of the person who just passed away. They can encompass… Read More »

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