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Three Reasons Why Small Businesses Need to Retain an In-House Counsel


Owning a small business means dealing with all the legalities that arise from the day-to-day operation of the business. The owners of larger companies and corporations are in many ways insulated from minor legal questions having to do with running a business. These include issues revolving around employees, minor contracts as well as small business transactions. The shareholders of a large company do not need to be inextricably involved with all legal decisions. They have managers and directors who are trained to deal with such issues with the help of legal counsel. However, as a small business owner, your involvement is inevitable. That is why having an in-house counsel on retainer can give you and your business a big advantage

Contract Review and Analysis

Contract review and analysis encompasses a large portion of the legal activities in which a small business has to engage. It takes a lot to run a small business. This is especially the case where the business is family-owned with very few employees. For example, to run a successful family-owned restaurant requires entering into various vendor contracts for food, food service equipment, furniture rental, signage, point of sale systems, and payment processing. This is just to name a few. Each contract that is entered into by the business has to be thoroughly reviewed and analyzed to ensure that the deal is the most advantageous and favorable to the business. Food product distribution contracts can be quite complex for a busy restaurant. The contract has to account for major events such as act of God, delivery delays, food shortages, food quality issues and so on. Without a trusted and knowledgeable counsel on hand, the business will have to establish various relationship with a number of lawyers on a need basis. This manner of operating the business is likely detrimental.

Employment Law Advisor

For businesses with more than a handful of employees, the advice of an in-house counsel is invaluable. Employment law issues can arise daily and without the help of a trusted and knowledgeable attorney, these issues can become costly and time consuming. A well-versed attorney can immediately step into the situation to act as an advisor to managerial staff or to the business owner. Because it is necessary for employers to also educate themselves about employment law, the attorney can act as an educator to train the business owner and staff about issues that may arise. This has a deterrent effect. The business owners and upper management will be trained on an issue before it arises. In addition, the business will have a dedicated legal contract that will guide them through the matter.

Business Transactions

A designated attorney who handles business transactions is important for a business that intends to grow. Not only will an in-house counsel advise on the legalities of complex business transactions, but they will also advise them as to how a legal decision will affect the business. Given their breadth of experience in the business world, in-house attorneys are often knowledgeable about business matters in general. This will cause the business owner to feel protected in a variety of ways.

West Palm Beach In-House Attorney

We provide legal assistance to small businesses that wish to retain an in-house counsel. We have years of experience dealing in employment law, business transactions, contract review and analysis, and a variety of other legal issues. Call the Law Offices of Larry E. Bray, P.A. in West Palm Beach to determine what best suits your business needs.

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